Happy Hundred Years, La Salle!

June 16, 2011 -- the day that La Salle was such a happy, happy place! You can never deny how strong a Lasallian's Animo is. :-)

This day was absolute perfection. From breakfast, to being with the boy that has been making me extremely happy these past few days, to preparing for the show, to performing, to meeting the parents and roommates, to watching the fireworks, etc, etc. This day couldn't have been any better. :-)

Dancing to Live It Up, the Centennial dance anthem, before "Cheers!" :-)

Last photo was during the rehearsals the night before :-)

Photos by Larissa Nodalo, Ira Macalindong, Chezka Bermillo and Mariella Cruz Uy

And of course, the cherry on top of a perfect day--the fireworks that lit up the whole sky!

We've been preparing for this day for weeks and I'm glad it was all worth the sweat, body pain and sleepless nights! I'm also glad it's over and done with, now I can finally rest. :-)

Monday morning I'm leaving for Palawan with my mom and her sisters. Vacation for me, yay! (and yes I'll be skipping school for a week boohoo)

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