My Last Art in Action: Dance

Every term, the La Salle Dance Company (Contemporary and Street) in cooperation with the Physical Education department stages a show for DLSU students who are taking up HUMAART (art appreciation) and PE for the term. It's more of a lecture-performance than a dance concert, more like a "dancing for non-dancers" kind of thing.

And since I will be graduating in October, this term's Art in Action was my last. (*tear*) I remember the times when I'd do classical ballet for the show even if I already reek coz I haven't danced ballet in years! Thank God this year it got passed down to a newbie, someone who still takes up ballet at least. :-) for this Art in Action, we danced to Broken Strings and The Scientist, two of my absolute favorite pieces of LSDC-Contemporary.

Although we did not dance our usual folk dances for this term (because we invited another dance group to do it), I think it was still a pretty good show. The audience was very participative and I loved how they had a lot of questions to ask us for the open forum!

And of course we had to end the day with a bang... DLSU Planking by the La Salle Dance Company! I swear we were so amused. MASS PLANKING AT THE TYA! WOOTWOOT!

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--Sanam-- said...

Great photos, it looks like you all had a great time at the show. It must've been a lot of hard work putting it all together though :)