Even My Hair Is Gold

Hello everyone! I'm back from Malaysia :-) I will blog about my trip soon, but first let me show you guys my new hair! I debuted (LOL) it in school yesterday during graduation rehearsals and I'm glad a lot of people thought it looked good on me! ♥

Yesterday was such an exhausting day. Claiming of academic attire and recognition rites in the morning, Baccalaureate Mass and class picture taking in the afternoon, then graduation rehearsals in the evening. I'm just glad to get yesterday over and done with!

2 more days til graduation, guess who's excited xx

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Megann Jabola said...

Congrats Erix! See you on Saturday! :) Btw, love your new hair on you. I was supposed to tell you when I saw you during the toga claiming. :)

♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY
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