Expensive Semi-fail Saturdate

Last night I went on a date with one of my best friends, Michelle. Our initial plan was to head off to Greenbelt to watch No Other Woman then go to Mercato Centrale after. When we got to Greenbelt, the tickets were sold out :-( so instead, we decided to have dinner there then head on to Mercato for dessert. WRONG MOVE. We ended up spending so much more than what we were supposed to! It was my first time to spend more than 500 bucks on dinner for myself, okay :-( I felt so bad after. HAHA.

So we had dinner at National Sports Grill. I totally forgot to take photos of the food because I was really hungry. I purposely didn't eat beforehand to prepare myself for Mercato! I had some Karate Chops then Mich had some steak then we both had Sluggers, which was so good. I just really hated the part where we had to bill out, though. Hihi. It was as if we were spending our first salary, but we don't even have jobs yet!

Since Mercato opens at 10pm, I went hunting for my graduation dress first. My first and last stop was Topshop, hihi. Took me a while to decide on which dress to take--the blue one or the pink one--in the same design! Hihi. I will show you guys on graduation day. I'll keep it a secret for now ;p

When we got to Mercato, we realized it was a terrible idea to have dinner in Greenbelt. It felt like I had just wasted 500 bucks! So much food in Mercato! We ended up just going for dessert, though. Here's what I had!

1.) Mochiko cookie dough mochi ice cream (which I was not able to take a photo of coz I devoured its yumminess right away)

2.) Red velvet cake

3.) Macarons from Empire

4.) Wintermelon (winterWATERmelon, according to Mich. HAHA) tea

Really good stuff, I tell ya. I'm definitely going back to that place but on an empty stomach! :-)

But anyway, here's what I wore tonight.

Giordano dress, my mom's sheer polo, belt, Longchamp bag, Parisian heels, Swatch watch

Looking forward to Monday! Michelle and I would finally get to watch No Other Woman by then. Yippee!! xx

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