There's Something About Us Anyway

A rope braid's apparently much easier to do than a fishtail braid. Takes much less effort and time, too. Anyway, spent most of yesterday/night in school covering an event which I will blog about very soon.

The rest of the night I hung out with Rond and Lenard and I still continue to wonder why they're my friends (lol kidding). I was trying to beat Rond's high score on Paper Toss whilst screaming in a mix of frustration and rage, sort of. After a couple of rounds and almost draining Lenard's battery, I finally did (5 tosses in the bathroom level, bitches). It felt like such an achievement, hah. Also felt so badass (but not as much as two weeks ago) staying out late even when I had work the next day (aka today. A Sunday. For crying out loud.) although I really had a difficult time getting out of bed this morning. On the bright side, work wasn't so bad today.

On the way home a friend introduced me to this cover and I instantly fell in love with it. The saxophone sold it. Total eargasm, if you ask me.

It might not be the right time, I might not be the right one but there's something about us I want to say cause there's something about us anyway. ♥

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