My Christmas Wishlist

I'm so excited... just five more days til Christmas! It has always been my favorite time of year and I've fallen in love with the vibe the season gives. It's also the season of giving (and receiving, teehee)--so here goes my wishlist!

1. Ray-Ban aviators. (P11,990) Just because I think it's a must-have.
2. Blackberry charger (P500?) because I keep on destroying mine. I've had two already and they're both gone so I charge using the USB connector thingy. :(
3. Blackberry Bold in white. Or a Bold Touch, okay.
4. Benefit Brow Zing (P1,600) -- if you've noticed my eyebrows, you need not even ask.
5. Forever 21 gift certificates
6. Kate Spade gold wallet. Saw the price tag on this baby--yeah gotta find a job now.
7. MAC lipstick in Morange (P1,000) or any bright orange lipstick would do.
8. Topshop double handle bag and 9. Topshop doctor's bag because I love roomy and medium sized bags
10. Zara silk perfume. (P995) This smells really good and it's affordable!
11. MAC blush in Dollymix (P1,300+) looks scary in the pan but is actually pretty sheer when worn. A girl needs some pink blush in her life!
12. Nars blush in Orgasm (P1,300+) has always been in my wishlist but I've never actually gotten it. Maybe this time? :)

...among other things.
Tops, shorts, cover-ups, skirts, jeans, accessories and the like would still be appreciated of course ;p but MONEY and GIFT CERTIFICATES please and I would love you forever. :)

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