Danz Dish 7: Backstage

Backstage shots (more like vanity shots, heehee) from Danz Dish 7. Thank you for inviting me to dance with you guys, LSDC-Street. It was such a pleasure to have been part of the Danz Dish 7 experience not only as an audience, but also as a performer. :) and, thank you to everyone who watched! I may have only performed as a guest but everyone who told me I did a great job made me feel like I actually had a bigger part in the show.

It was one of those days that my hair would actually cooperate with me.

Eye makeup by Jackie. Day 1 lipstick: MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2. Day 2 lipstick: MAC Pink Nouveau.

I was a ballerina/fairy in the opening number! In my next number, I, along with 3 other members of LSDC-Contemporary, looked pretty creepy with our black veils on. I hope we have photos of that!

LSDC-Contemporary :)

Reliving my graduation ball (2008) with my ball date, Andro! Hello!

With my best friend (and a great makeup artist now!) whom I haven't hung out with in years! Hi Thea! It was great to finally get to hang out with you even for just a short time :)

Congratulations for putting up a great show, LSDC-Street. Til next year!

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