Finally Some Term Break Fun!

I finally had some fun during my term break! I spent my whole afternoon today with my blockmates at Market Market/The Fort :-) here was our main itinerary:

1. Lasertag
This was our number one agenda. It was my first time to play and I just got to brag... I ROCK AT LASERTAG! I ranked 1 out of 8 and as a prize, I got a free glass of iced tea ;-) anyway, it was a rockin' 20 minutes. At first, my friends and I were thinking about doing 2 rounds of Lasertag coz 1 round of 20 minutes seemed too short. It's a good thing that we only paid for 1 round, coz 15 minutes into the game we were all so tired already! No one was running anymore, and we weren't as eager to tag as we were in the beginning. Though it was energy-consuming, I definitely loved the game. Friends, we should do this again some time!

Green team - Shane, me, Zehry, kuya Danny
Pink team - Soph, Tricia, Chat, Geri
ZENITH (that's me!) REIGNS SUPREME!!!! :-D

2. Krispy Kreme
We walked to Krispy Kreme Boni High Street because we had about an hour to kill before the movie starts. We ordered a dozen donuts (which apparently was too much for us... but all's well) and we got another free one because our server asked us if anyone was celebrating his or her birthday and we said Tricia was! Well technically, we weren't celebrating her birthday, but it was her birthday a few days ago so why not!

On our way to KK :-)
Chat so cute!

3. I Love You, Beth Cooper
We went back to Market Market after bloating ourselves up in Krispy Kreme to catch our movie. I should watch movies in Market Market more often! It's so much cheaper than the other cinemas and the theaters aren't so bad :-) (plus they got Taters!!!!!)

"You're not alive unless you're living."

I Love You, Beth Cooper was a cute movie. Things in the story got pretty random at times, I couldn't figure out if the movie was long or the pace of the story was just slow. Nevertheless, it was a good movie. But does Hayden Panettiere really have to play a cheerleader all the time? She didn't really do cheerleading stuff in the movie, but it was mentioned a couple of times that she was head cheerleader. Anyway, I wanna read the novel! :-)

Why I have a blue tongue: I was eating a Push Pop the whole duration of the movie!

4. Cupcakes by Sonja
I got a Red Velvet cupcake and I'm glad to have finally satisfied my n-month-long-craving. :-) and I was actually happier than I expected to be upon entering the little heaven called "Cupcakes by Sonja" because I got a free Cookie Monster mini-cupcake (or whatever you call a cake that's smaller than a cupcake)! Free taste of the new flavor, I suppose? Coz I don't remember them giving out free mini-cupcakes before.

Before going to Sonja's, we visited Fully Booked and browsed through a book called "Chinese Filipinos". Basically it was about Chinese Filipinos. =)) their culture, their "hometown" here in the Philippines, schools, etc. I'm Chinese, but I couldn't relate to what my friends were browsing through :-( well yeah they're more Chinese than I am, obviously. I think I'm only Chinese by name! I don't even look Chinese at all. I look more American, actually, even if I don't have American blood.

Iana was supposed to try to get me in the Cosmo Bachelor Bash in the NBC Tent after, but she said something about arriving at around 9 or 10 pm. Me and my friends were done by 7 and I didn't want to wait that long alone so I went home instead. :-( PHIL YOUNGHUSBAND, I WILL SEE YOU SOON!

Oh and by the way, on my way to the MRT station at noon earlier, I saw this really hot guy who looked like a model. We passed by each other and we were looking at each other (!!!). I swear to God I do not know if it was a good or bad thing that I was wearing sunglasses. :))

Even though I didn't make it to the Cosmo Bachelor Bash (I will try again next year HAHA), today was pretty awesome. :-)

Photos: Tricia Cacho

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