They're Here!

My awesome replica Chanel 2.55 classic flap bags are finally here! The prices of these are much much friendlier than the original ones. ;-)

I've never been more excited to give myself a prize for not failing any subject the previous term. Well actually, I've never given myself a prize for not failing--until now. :-P I guess I should do this every time, eh? More motivation to study! And when I finally land on the Dean's List, I promise to get myself something a little bit more... precious.

I can't wait to get to use these bags!

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☆ Desa said...

neat! grabe i still have no idea on what im going to wear on the 19th :| and i dont have time to go shopping! its my hell week. tangina.

wait. are you free on friday? wanna meet up at 1? reply on my facebook wall na lang or ym :p