Good Times With Animo Squad

Last night was a metallic green and blue-filled night. Two cheerleaders, one from the DLSU Animo Squad and the other from the Ateneo Blue Babble Batallion, celebrated their 18th birthday in Grand Terrace, Commonwealth.

Happy birthday, Yra & Mikee!

Before going to the party, I went to MOA to watch the Skechers Kick-off party. I thought it was going to be fun, but it actually bore me. :| however, I did enjoy the performance of LSDC-Street. :-) before leaving for Yra's, Brent, Issay and I got some fro-yo from White Hat. :-) I still like CaliforniaBerry & Red Mango better!

It took us about an hour to get to the venue. We weren't in our party clothes yet so we had to dress up in the car. :-P it was kinda hard to do so, jsyk.

We arrived just in time for dinner. :-) I wasn't part of the program itself, so I spent a lot of time in the photobooth. xD

My favorite part of the party would have to be the "party time"! I definitely had a blast dancing with em crazy Lasallians! :-) Elation got me buzzed. I like Soberclub better! At around 1:30 am, every one of us looked extremely inebriated. The party ended a bit early, but we all didn't leave at once. We were all just sitting on the platform, on the floor, on the chairs... just talking. Some were lying on the couch or on the floor. (HAHA) Drunken conversations! Good times, good times. I love Animo! :-)

HTF girls! Reese, where art thou? :-(
Nix Quidot!
Nikka, Icko & me
Hello there, neighbor!
Go Icko! :))
Woot Yra! You so hothothothot! :-)

I think I made a good choice on what to do that night. I was invited to lots of parties, all on the evening of September 19, and I'm happy I went to Yra's. Fun fun night! Good times with Animo Squad, indeed. :-)


Table 11!

Photos: Photographico (photobooth pics)
More pictures @ my Multiply site

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