What Breaks/Long Weekends Do To Me

They make me WANT stuff coz of all the free time I use for online window shopping! :|

About a week ago, I mentioned something about a Miu Miu bag I want to buy. I still haven't got it. :-( I saw another bag I wanna get tho!

Linzel bag. I want the purple/red one!
This one's out for 650php. The Miu Miu one's being sold for 600php. It's just a 50php difference. I'm considering getting both! But I'm still broke at the moment, I couldn't order any. :-(

And here's some new stuff I'm eyeing on. The month isn't even over yet and I'm done with bags and on to wallets? Haha. Nah, I don't think I can purchase any of these soon (even if they're just replicas). I'm gonna go to the other house soon and dig through my granma's/aunt's stuff. I'm sure I'm bound to find some stuff like these (lucky me if I find originals! I'm sure they have those. My aunt has handed me down a few originals before. :-) ):

LV Vernis Monogram wallet (I want one in purple!)
LV Stephen Sprouse graffitti wallet
Adriana Castro wallet
Chanel long zipper wallet

So yeah I have this thing for zippered wallets right now.

Anyone wanna make me happy by getting me the Linzel bag, Miu Miu bag or any cute long zippered wallet? ;-)

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