JBWKZ: A Figment Of Your Imagination

I was in awe all night. Jabba-freaking-wockeez dancing a few feet away from me!

Tonight I was privileged to watch the Jabbawockeez live in Trinoma. Thanks to Iana for getting passes! There were too much people in Trinoma, it was such a relief to finally get in the "VIP" area or something. :-)

Me & Iana, my "Ayala mall shows" date forever (starting now! YEYEYEY FOR FREE TICKETS!) :-)
Look at how much people there were! And that's just one half of the mall. :|
DJ Rashida entertained us before Billy Crawford opened for the Jabbawockeez. She makes me wanna be a DJ! I'd love to have her mixes. :-)
Billy Crawford. Never really liked him until today! That dude's got some wicked dance moves ;-) so freaking hot.
I loved their entrance... so dramatic. :-)
I wish I had clearer pictures :-( but I'm happy with what I took!
So jealous of Iana, her brother and his girlfriend :-( I didn't have a stub! Oh well. (this stub's Iana's)
Happy starstruck girls!

Saw GCP-Hataw people after, too:
Pao and Arty :-)
Jim! Haven't seen this guy in so long!

Iana and I were supposed to have dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak after but she got picked up already, so I made my way to Red Mango to get some froyo. :-) while on my way to get a cab, I saw AC and Bench who were also about to get a cab. I tried hailing a few with them until I gave up and called up ate Cams who was in Trinoma as well. I ended up having dinner with ate Cams and her family at Crustasia (yey free dinner!!!) and hitching a ride home with them. :-)

Tonight was a good night! I couldn't have spent it any better. :-)

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