You Will Soon Be Mine, Flap Bag.

Chanel classic flap bags

Imitation/replica Chanel classic flap bags!!!!

I love cheap thrills. I don't really mind if they're fake or not.. as long as they are of good quality and are in good condition. Or, well... as long as it's not too obvious that they're fake. :-P I'm thinking of getting both black and white (from that online store who's selling it for such a low price!) because it would come out cheaper if I do so (just a little over 1k for both. Class 3A. Not so bad, eh?).

Here I go again with my online shopping. I browsed and bid on some stuff earlier. Bidding ends on friday, I think. I really hope I win the bidding on those really cute pants! And I hope the online seller of the flap bags would reply to me ASAP (act swiftly, awesome pachyderm! -Horton) :-)

I seriously need to stop shopping. That or I should start saving more. :-) (I wanna get a part-time job of some sort but I'm too busy with school. :-( )

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