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I haven't been buying magazines lately which is why I'm stoked for the September 2009 issue of Preview Magazine. Last time I got myself a magazine was 2-3 years ago. It was when Candy was slowly losing its touch. Hah, Candy used to be my favorite but I guess I grew out of it?

I recently learned that the September issues of fashion magazines are the ones to watch out for, which is why I suddenly felt so giddy about Preview's September 2009 issue (having Kim Chiu on the cover adds to the excitement!).

I've always loved Kim Chiu. I admit that I watched her season of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition ;;) I even watched her first few movies! She wasn't that good back then, but she was definitely someone to watch out for. Look at her now, 3 years after that PBB stint. I believe she does extraordinary in Tayong Dalawa. I don't get to catch that show though because of training. :-( I'd love to get to watch it from the beginning again!

I love how she's starting to dress better as well. I believe she used to be one of those girls who didn't really care about how she looks, as long as she looks presentable. She was really simple in PBB! But look at her now. Oh, what showbiz does to people! Good change, though. Good change. :-)

I don't like it when she does her thing as a commercial model. I think she should do more fashion/editorial modeling! I love her on the Preview cover. :-)

Here are some behind the scene stuff I got from StyleBible.ph:

I love the whole ensemble! PRADA BAG!!!!
Inside Kim Chiu's bag: Skechers watch, Blackberry, Zara sunglasses, Bvlgari perfume and a Stephen Sprouse graffiti wallet from Louis Vuitton
Aaah Stella Luna cage boots!
I love the location :-)

To watch the behind-the-scenes VIDEO, click here!

I'm definitely grabbing a copy tomorrow :-)

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