Of Special Nights and Great Company

Saturday (September 5, 2009) was a special day for one of my college friends, Tricia Cacho. I'm glad to have been able to join her in celebrating her 18th birthday :-)

I met up with Chat and Shane in Shang at around 10am then Bianca and Cynch picked us up to go to Bianca's house for dance practice. For the past few days, we've been going to school even if we're on break already to practice for a dance number for Tricia. Unfortunately we weren't able to finish the dance before the debut, so we had to practice early the day itself.

Looking so haggard! We were all still sort of sleepy. & hungry. & cold! Well, I was.

Obviously, as expected, we didn't practice at once. We only practiced around 1/3 of the time and spent the 2/3 chatting and preparing for the debut. Angelo, Henri and Dexter followed us to Bianca's, btw. They arrived about an hour after we did.

We all got surprised that we were on schedule! We finished practice at around 4 then we started preparing right after. We finished fixing up before 6 and left on time! I'm usually late for events like this, so being on time was something new to me. HAHA!

We had a lot of time before our "scheduled time of departure" so we took pictures first.

Not yet done fixing up!

Tricia's debut was held in New Horizon Hotel. It was such a splendid blue-themed evening! Tricia looked gorgeous, of course. :-) never knew how much of a great singer Trish was, but now I know!

In Bianca's car on the way to the hotel. I like the Gossip Girl feel of this photo. :))
Yey we're here... and we're early!

She had the usual celebration with 18 roses and candles. That made me excited for my debut! Well, that is if I'm going to be celebrating it the traditional (?) way :-)

6 of her 18 flickers: Shane, Soph, Nikki, Cynch, Bianca and Chat

We performed our special number after dinner. I'm happy we didn't end up embarrassing ourselves! The dance went pretty well. :-) we got good feedback as well!

Jai Ho &&& I don't know much about clothes, but my hair looks fierce! ;-)
Hey girl, where's your drink? We goin' all get real drunk tonight! Hey girl, I got bud. We can all get fucked up tonight!
Why you so obsessed with me? -- Obsessed is OUR SONG!

Before the night ended, we released butterflies as part of the celebration. I learned that when you whisper your wishes to the butterfly before releasing them, they bring it up to the heavens and when a butterfly lands on you, your wishes will come true. :-) guess who got landed on by a butterfly?

The butterfly, before it was released :-) I got a big one!
The butterflies landed on us! I'm pretty sure the butterfly I released was the same one who landed on me. I guess my wish is coming true! ;-)
I love the "party" time after the formal celebration! Sometimes, parties without booze and smoke can be sooooooo much fun (as long as you've got your friends and there's dancing!) :-)
Henri! Hah, priceless :))

Oh! Awards were given to guests that night. 4 people from my group of friends went home with awards: Ely got a kikay award, Franz got "most pasaway" and Henri & Bianca got sweetest couple :-)

Franz and his purple hair! No wonder he got his award ;-)
FAIL. It's Bianca MARJALINO! But oh well, at least they know Bianca's matalino! HAHAHA! Bianca&Henri ♥

The event ended at around midnight. As usual, I didn't have a ride home but ended up doing something about it (duh). Thanks to Angelo and Henri for bringing me home!

Me & Ange!

That night we were able to set aside all of the "issues" we're currently concerned about and were able to have fun. Great company = great night. I love my college friends. :-)

Btw, here's what I wore to the party!

Mom's corset, belt from the tiangge, mom's skirt, Bianca's scarf, So Fab heels, pearl bracelet, Gucci watch

Erika :-)

Photos: mine, Bianca Marjalino, Shane So
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☆ Desa said...

i wish i can go to my friends' debuts too :( screw being grounded. :( i wouldnt want to miss mara's debut on sept 18 at one esplanade. theres just going to be a short program then party na after - she's from JMA eh, so yeah i expect it will be a really good night :p

alam mo, seeing debut pictures and actually going to debuts makes me wish na sana i had one :p nagsisisi tuloy ako ngayon. so next im gonna throw a party for myself :p im saving up for it na nga he :p heehee.. :) miss you erix!

♥ Erika said...

Aww Desa! Konting tiis nalang you'll be ungrounded na :-)

Ako I still don't know what I plan to do on my 18th birthday. Kung may huge celebration, joint siguro yun with my mom & lola... which I think would be really cool. 18, 40 then 70! Na-excite ako with just imagining that. Hope it comes true tho. INIISIP KO NA 18 ROSES KO KINIKILIG AKO!!! =))

Miss you too! :-)

Lilee said...

great photos!

♥ Erika said...

Thank you! :-)