Heartbeats by Lady Gaga

Heartbeats by Lady Gaga are holistically designed to deliver the soundtrack of your life with clarity and power, as well as satisfy your passion for fashion. Emmerse yourself in pitch-perfect highs, precise mids, and club caliber bass. Because when your music sounds amazing, you stop hearing it, and start feeling it. In other words, sound really matters. Plus, Lady Gaga didn’t just style-check Heartbeats, she created the design to ensure they look like no other headphone out there.

Coming in October 2009!

I'm willing to stop using my Skull Candy for this pretty one ;-)

I've always had my eye on Beats by Dr. Dre. Most especially when they came out in different colors on the 2ne1 music video!

I never got the chance to bag myself one of those, though. Never actually tried as I was perfectly satisfied with my Skull Candy.... until now! OMG Heartbeats by Lady Gaga please be mine!

And speaking of 2NE1... I AM IN LOVE WITH LEE CHAE RIN (CL)!!! I've been browsing one of her Facebook fan pages & a fuckyeah2ne1 on Tumblr for pictures. She's so badass I love her. ;-)

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