Team Freecut: Part II

Finally, I give you part two of Team Freecut! You can read part one again here :-)

Just today, I saw that I got a 3.0 in IntPrin which means that we got a 4.0 on our magazine! Good job to us, team Freecut. :-)

I've already posted the corporate shoot shots in part one and I still don't have the party shoot pictures (Ramon, upload soon!) so I'm going to share to you guys some behind-the-scenes pictures! These are all from Nix. :-)

The day before the shoot:
Our whole group had these rainbow stuff on us. We used Jeune's rainbow body chalk or something like that to draw those on us. We're cool like that B-)

Photo shoot day:
I went gaga over Patricia's bib necklace and Ray-Bans. @-)
I want the bib necklace :|
Maxi looking so editor-ish.
Awww quidoths. :-)
Ramon Fagar channeling Jay Manuel!
Maxi and Mark :x
Now we're ready for our shoot!
What I wore to the shoot!
Mossimo tube top, zebra-striped tie, People are People gold glitter belt, rolled-up jeans, white heels

There ya go! There might be a part three... for the party shoot pictures :-)

Photos: Nix Maglasang
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