2nd Term Was Good But...

SABIT!!! I computed for my term GPA (since it's not on MyLaSalle yet), I got a 2.9. 2 point freaking 9! All because of CONCEPT :-( don't get me wrong, I'm extremely happy with my grades. This term's GPA is the highest one I have so far (and it's super bawi from first term's 2.2!), but darn it! If Ms. Sibs gave the whole class an additional .5 (in which she intended to, but didn't), I would have gotten a 2.0. I would have been a Dean's Lister*! I computed it, too--if I had gotten a 2.0 in CONCEPT--my term GPA would be 3.0!

*to be a Dean's Lister, you should have no grade lower than 2.0 and your term GPA should be at least 3.0

SAYANG DIBA!!!!!! :((

But oh well. I'm happy with my grades. I swear I'm surprised with what I got! I felt as if I wasn't doing so well this term, turns out I was. :-) now I feel better about splurging on 2 pairs of shoes last Sunday! The shoes are (now) both my Christmas present and prize for myself :-) (Last term--I got myself 2 bags as a prize, even if my grades didn't satisfy me as much. I remember saying that I'd get myself something more precious if I do land on the Dean's List... well I almost did, and yes, the shoes are a little bit more precious. :-P)

Lord please! Help me get on the list next term!

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