Baby Could You Blow My Heart Up

Groove slam, work it back
Filter that, baby bump that track
Groove slam, work it back
Space Cowboy just play that track
Gaga in the room, so starstruck
Cherry cherry cherry cherry, boom boom
-LSS. Starstruck, Lady Gaga

Very very busy days ahead :( I am now loaded with school and org work--sleepless nights, here we go again. I can now really feel that I am a Communication Arts major! It's really fun but very very stressful at the same time :( I've yet to start shooting for my video essay (I'm starting tomorrow!) but I've done my storyboard. I've yet to start thinking of a possible thesis topic. I've yet to print my photos for the photography class homework. D: all these academic work + tons and tons of org work (prod + performances) = O_O *brain explodes*

By the way, I finally got myself a tripod! Had a Quiapo adventure with some of my friends the other day and decided to hit up Hidalgo Street (aka the photographer's lair) in Manila to finally get myself a tripod for cheap. Got a really good one for 700php! Hidalgo Street = my new happy place :)

Cheap thrills. Here's more: my mom got us some new coats--3 pieces for only 50 pesos! What a bargain, indeed :) can't wait to show them to you guys, they're awesome. :) anyway, I'll leave you guys with what I wore to school today!

Topshop printed dress shirt, Mandarin Oriental blazer (used to be my aunt's uniform when she worked there years ago. I love how stylish hotel personnel uniforms are!), leggings, Charles and Keith sandals


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