Full House

Naf Naf blouse, Herbench skinny jeans, Charles and Keith sandals, People are People glitter belt, Black Velvet blazer

Today, I had a video shoot with my friend Desa for my TELPROD (Television Production) class. I’m glad that it went well--but we’re not done yet. I still have a few frames to shoot on Friday. I’m gonna party (as in clubbing, to shoot some clubbing scenes) to work on Friday! When Desa and I wrapped it up for the day earlier, we watched 2 recent episodes of Full House (Pinoy version). Heart Evangelista was so cute :3 I’m definitely watching it from the start when I have time (and only God knows when that will be :-<). That and the Korean version!

Until all my curls grow out, I'm gonna be curling my hair every morning. I'm actually getting a hang of it already. The then-hour process has become 20 minutes--yay me :)

On an unrelated note, I'm so glad One Tree Hill is back! Last week's episode was pretty awesome. I want a Quinn-Clay love story for myself :( can't wait til this week's episode finishes downloading!

"No one to talk to is reason enough to be blue."
- The Girl In The Moon - Everly (Bethany Joy Galeotti and Amber Sweeney)

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