No There's Nothing That I Wouldn't Do

Amazing lines, extension, control, turns, lifts... oh and look at those legs!!! This is pure awesomesauce! I think I just fell in love with the dance :) this makes me miss ballet so much :( my feet miss the feeling of those foot-hugging Gaynor Mindens. :( I do contemporary and jazz now. My feet are still tortured (we dance barefoot). Although they are ugly, they're well-treasured!


libys11 said...

absolutely breath taking.. thanks for sharing this.. i enjoy following so you think you can dance franchises.. i dont know how to dance but this is just pure brilliance!! :D i got goosebumps the whole time! :D

oh btw, i hope you dont mind me adding you in my blog links.

♥ Erika said...

No problem! :) and I don't mind at all :)