When I Start To Dance I'm A Movie Star

Brown dress, blazer, Sanuk sandals, Estee Lauder bag, Tinkerbell necklace

Last night was SPIT (Silly People's Improv Theater) and Broadwayoke night at Mag:Net High Street. Two words: HILARIOUS & AWESOME! I'm glad I went with my mom. I think I needed the laugh after all the stress I've been under lately! CAO EB exam yesterday = brain fart. O_O I got a score of 94. I'm retaking it next week because to pass, you must get a score higher than 125. I still don't get why we need to take the exam if they want us all in the first place. Come on, keep on retaking the test until you pass? Stress. Isn't the test supposed to be an elimination of some sort? If you fail, you're out... something like that. Anyway, that's just me ranting.

I sang Good Morning Baltimore (Hairspray) and My Favorite Things (The Sound of Music) in Broadwayoke last night! I wanted RENT songs but the music sheets weren't available. And speaking of RENT--I'm excited to watch RENT (Manila cast) on the 13th of Feb! :)

On an unrelated note, let me share to you guys one of my favorite pieces in the latest season of So You Think You Can Dance:

So Deep - Kathryn & Legacy jazz piece
SO SEXY. It was sad to see the both of them leave the show :( they were my favorites!

Being a jazz/contemporary dancer myself, dances like this inspire me :) I miss Mia Michaels. :( don't you?


libys11 said...

cute outfit!!!! i must say, i totally love SPIT!!! i've seen a couple of their shows when i was still back there and yes, they are so hilarious and amazing!

Taylor Sterling said...

i love the stripes girl!! too cute

Lilpixie said...

great necklace!

kris said...

you look great! :)

Anonymous said...

I like your necklace. It's awesome! :)

♥ Erika said...

@libys11: thank you! And yes SPIT is amazing! Can't wait to watch another one of their shows :)

@Taylor: thank you :)

@Lilpixie: Tinkerbell is a cutie!

@Kris: hihi thanks!

@Marla: thank you :)