Reading Jess' blog inspired me to create a post just like hers. Here's my take on "what's inside your make-up bag?"!

I've got tons of make-up because I'm a performer, but here are the ones that make it to my everyday bag (while the rest stay on my dresser at home):

1. Clinique pink pouch
-I didn't take a picture of the whole thing coz it's dirty :-s basically it looks like a pencil case!

2. The Color Workshop make-up palette
- It came with a huuuuge palette of colors! The eye shadow and blush are detachable--you can replace them with other colors from the palette, depending on which one you wanna bring!

3. L'oreal Paris White Perfect Pearl liquid foundation in golden beige (G3)

4. Chanel eyeshadow
- My only real Chanel so far! Hihi. Check out the gold shadow... it's almost gone!

5. Merle Norman definitive eye pencil in goldspice
- What I use on my lower lash line every day.

6. The Face Shop mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil

7. The Face Shop jelly tint gloss
- I must get myself some clear gloss. I can't wear this on top of my nude lipstick coz it makes my lips turn pink! Nude lipstick purpose defeated :|

8. Main Street concealer

9. The Color Workshop lipstick in pink, Revlon Color Stay Lip Tint in Honey
- nude lipstick = my current fave!

Will do a "what's inside your bag?" edition soon!


libys11 said...

i love looking at posts like this.. :)

i envy you for having the face shop there!!!
i used to have stuff from them. i like it coz they have powders and concealers for asian skin tone, which can be hard to get for a cheap price here in north america.

♥ Erika said...

I <3 The Face Shop! Now I wanna try Etude House :)