I'm Going To Meet Her Now

I've been listening to KPOP non-stop since last week. It's so funny because even if I don't understand much of what they're singing, I find myself singing along--most especially to Kim Bum's I'm Going To Meet Her Now! It has got to be the weirdest LSS I've ever had.

Anyway... Sorry for the lack of updates, guys! School's back and my schedule's getting hectic by the minute. I'm still getting myself used to the schedule. After two terms, I have morning classes again :-( good news though, I'm always early for school now (like 30 minutes-1 hour early)! I guess I should make that a habit :-) last week wasn't very hectic yet--since it was the first week of the last term of the academic year, everything was just about introduction to the courses. This week however, the professors have started on their discussions and have already given us homework we don't even have any idea on how to do. :| (video essay due in 2 weeks! Supposedly next week but we had the deadline extended a week more. I don't know how to work a handycam. I don't know how to edit videos. I ain't good at creating storyboards--I don't draw. This is hell for me :-( can I make a photo essay instead? ;_; [unfortunately this is for Television Production class and we're done with photos... last week's homework we submitted yesterday!])

Also last week, we held the 2nd general assembly for Dancelebration! I'm stoked for DC :-) it's going to be held on February 6, 2010 at the DLSU Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium. Being part of the organizing team (LSDC-Jazz/Contemporary) and productions committee is tough! Things become more and more stressful as the competition day approaches. *.* tomorrow we start setting up or booth! So Lasallians, visit our booth at the Miguel Walk :-)

Oh and thank you for all the wonderful comments (both here and on Facebook) on my new hair! Glad you all liked it :-) unfortunately it doesn't look like it did in the pictures anymore :-( the stylist did an awesome blowdry job to my hair that day I decided to keep it for the first day of school xD

Topshop white shirt, Topshop black skinny jeans, Sanuk sandals, Hot Topic "used" belt, thrifted brown velvet blazer

On the second day however, I tried straightening it myself. I failed :-( I don't know how to blowdry my own hair! Plus it'll take too much time for me to do so. I have naturally curly hair and about a third is still rebonded (lower part), so it looks really weird if I let it be after I take a shower. So what I did was... I curled the ends! And I have been doing so for the past few days too (fortunately I wake up early enough to do so!) :-) some of my friends actually thought that I had my hair permed. I guess I do a good curling job? :-P

Topshop blue shirt, my fave Revlon nude lipstick

Topshop salmon tank top, skinny jeans, yellow shoes, tricolor scarf
(I felt lazy to curl my hair today so I put it up in a bun and just curled the "bangs" :-P)

Majors are starting to heat up. Danceleb's in 2 weeks (holymama). Third term, bring it on!

PS. I haven't been able to take decent outfit photos recently, sorry guys :-( I still don't have a tripod!
PPS. last week I started this thing called 365project. If you have time, go and visit it! Leave comments, too if you please :-) http://365project.org/pixierixie

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