Can U Handle It?

Mango tank top, Mandarin Oriental uniform blazer, skinny jeans, black pumps

Dancelebration, midterms, artsy fartsy shenanigans, Valentine's... February is here! This week's schedule's gonna be pretty tight since I'll be attending two events in the weekend (Dancelebration as an organizer/performer and Pasinaya as a performer). The rest of the month I can predict will be filled with photo shoots, video shoots, conceptualization, writing and research. The rest of the term (til April ;_;), actually. Comm Arts *_* can't complain much though coz I can't see myself taking up a different course (and Communication Arts is actually very very fun amidst all the stress) :)

Today was pretty tiring--had three photo shoots (2 of them I shot and 1 I modeled for [will post pictures next time :)]) and learned the Tinikling. My feet are throbbing :( dancing barefoot in the DLSU Central Plaza is torture! The ground's pebble-y (or whatever you call it) and my feet felt like they were gonna burst any minute! I'd take pointe shoes pain over this anytime :(

Btw, my video essay went great! Well not really great, great... but my professor said it was good for a first-timer, so I'm satisfied :) I'm pretty sure now though that I'm not pursuing a career in tv/film directing! My video can be seen here. Might post it on Youtube soon so just watch out for the link!

Anyway, Dancelebration's in 4 days! People in the Philippines/Manila, if you wanna watch and support your favorite dance teams (including us :P), email me @ pixierixie@gmail.com or (for Lasallians) visit our booth at the SJ Walk! Tickets are available at 170php each. February 6, 2010; 3pm - high school division, 7pm - college division.


libys11 said...

great blazer!! :D

♥ Erika said...

Thank you! Would you believe it was actually a uniform of hotel employees? :P