Shoo-bop Sha Whada Whadda Yippidy Boom Da Boom

Some outtakes from the 50s-inspired shoot the other day:

Photos by Nix Maglasang :)
Dress: borrowed from my friend Reese.
Shoes: my high school graduation shoes. Wore them for the second time (after almost 2 years!) during this shoot. My feet died :( blisters everywhere. F.

This was kind of a fail shoot (Andro and I were supposed to be 50s dancers or something... but we know nothing about the dances in the 50s so we ended up just posing :-s) but I'm glad the shots came out nice :) thank you Nix! You still owe me donuts >:)


libys11 said...

omg!! this is so cute!!!! :D love your dress! :D

♥ Erika said...

Thank you :3 I love it too! I wish it were mine :P