Think How Many Times You Like

The 23rd Dancelebration was a success! :) LSDC-Contemporary, we put on a great show and I'm so proud :) I love you guys! And congratulations to all the competing groups (especially the winners--Claret Hataw, UP Streetdance Club and CSB Romancon Dance Company) for a job well done. :) see you all again on the 24th Dancelebration? Yes yes? :)

Who knew fully booked tiring and stressful weekends would be so fun?

We be the organizers, LSDC-Contemporary :) all smiles due to a very successful event!

Rehearsal photos from the night before the event:

Show proper photos (DISCLAIMER: all of these are photos of LSDC-Contemporary only. I don't have photos of the competing groups :()

(Photos by Brent Chua)

Can you easily spot me in the photos? :P I really loved performing this dance piece (it's called Zal [Jose Rizal]), even if it's a re-staged dance. I think the re-staged version is better than the original one (which we did during Rendezvous, our dance concert held last March 2009). :) will post a video as soon as I get hold of one!

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