Pasinaya 2010

Pasinaya 2010 was the first Pasinaya (arts festival) that LSDC-Contemporary ever joined. It was held last February 7, 2010 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Might I say that it was an awesome experience :) dancing the Tinikling for the first time under the scorching heat of the sun was worth it in the end. It was a fun experience plus we (LSDC-Contemporary) found new friends (Romancon)! Since we're all girls, we got paired up with our counterpart from Benilde, the St. Benilde Romancon Dance Company (who are by the way, amaaaaazing dancers) :)

First, we showcased a dance piece we practically already know by heart, ZAL:

Next, we participated in the Bonggang-bonggang Bamboo: The Tinikling Showdown with hundreds of other people. I think there were at least a thousand dancers doing the Tinikling! It was so embarrassing because we were in the middle, and most of us didn't even know how to dance it well! Oh well, at least I think we were able to pull it off. ;P

Mosh and I
La Salle-CSB Folk Dance Group! :)) (LSDC-Contemporary + St. Benilde Romancon Dance Company)

Lastly, we watched other shows :) we watched Romancon's, HTG's and PHSA's. Unfortunately, I only have photos from Romancon's since my camera's battery died after their show :(

They performed their Danceleb winning piece!
(Photos by Brent Chua)

Well that's it... that was my Pasinaya experience! Can't wait for next year :)

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