Oh God, Please Let Me Hold You

Kathryn and Jakob - Contemporary (Finale Encore)
Song: At This Moment - Michael Buble


Kathryn has been my favorite all throughout the season. I loved her most with Legacy! Remember this? It's still my favorite dance from the season. But this finale dance with Jakob--holy guacamole! It's just beautiful :) there's no other way to describe it!

Can't wait to dance some SYTYCD-inspired dances for the LSDC-Contemporary concert on the 25th of March ;) all I need is a daily dose of SYTYCD (which I have on my iPod) to get myself on a contemporary dancing high!


UgnÄ— said...

Wow, thats nice! <3


♥ Erika said...

It is. <3

ANN said...

That was amazing!

knk said...

that very beautiful dance those couple dance awesome nice post great


♥ Erika said...

@Ann: it was! :)

@Knk: thank you :D