You're Making It Hard For Me To Stay, Hard To Walk Away.

Thank you, Usher.

11:11 - I wish that you would make up your mind and make it easier for me to do whatever I need to do.

I'm happy to have my baby girls who keep me sane :) Sharks, Mushrooms -- they drive me crazy.

Swimming with LSDC-Contemporary before LEAP class :)

University Week culminating night cast. :)

(photo by Ella Fortun)

University week is over... it's midterms week already! :( thank God this weekend was a long one (more time to... procrastinate). I love how holidays land on a Monday; it's the only thing I like about Mondays actually. The only thing I'm looking forward to this week is Beach Thursday with my baby girls! :)

INSERCH rationale, check.
POLISCI paper, halfway there.
FOTOCOM photos, ohboyyyy.

By the way, I've been home alone with my grandpa and little cousins the whole weekend. Everyone else at home went to the province (Davao) because my great grandfather died. He was 96. It was my first time to experience death of someone I personally knew. :( I would've gone with them to Davao but I couldn't coz of school. So since Saturday night, I've been cooking dinner for everyone left here at home. I don't really know how to cook anything but an omelette! At least last night's pork steak was a success. :)

So, how was your weekend, guys? Hope everyone had a great one! :)


Laura said...

Nice photos!!!!

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♥ Erika said...

Thanks! :) will do so :)