Comfort in Fashion (+ DISCOUNT GIVEAWAY!!!)

Who says fashion is always pain? You do not have to don killer heels just to be called "fashionable". There's always those cute ballet flats, gladiator sandals and mmm, Ugg boots! I've always wanted a pair of Ugg boots for myself, but the weather here in the Philippines wouldn't permit me to purchase some for myself :(

Maybe I could get myself a pair when I'm ready to travel. :)

I think Ugg boots are amazing: comfort plus fashion indeed. Other stars such as Kirsten Dunst, Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston and Leighton Meester think so too! And you know what else is amazing? *drum roll please*

If you click on this link and purchase some Ugg boots for yourself, you get a DISCOUNT ($30 off, isn't that just awesome!) by keying in 415ERIKA in the "Gift Card Code" box :) this offer will be available today until two weeks from now so what are you waiting for? Get yourself some Ugg boots now! :)


xtirsa said...

Love your blog!

do you want to follow me too?

Walk The Sand said...

I have to agree... these are the comfiest things ever. I'm desperate for some grey ones!