Dancer in Motion

Photos by Janice Maglasang
A little post processing by me
Shoot for a photo essay entitled "Dancers in Motion"

Shot some time in March. These were shot using a Nikon. I personally prefer shooting with a Canon; I think the colors come out better.

After modeling for Nix, I took advantage of the situation and shot some of the other models as well (see: this) for my own project. Nix was using a Nikon and I used a Canon, and when you put our photos side by side you would really see the difference in color (despite us shooting under the same conditions)! If you haven't noticed, I'm a sucker for contrast and saturation which is why I prefer the shots of a Canon.


the gorgeous said...

My boyfriend has a canon and I love it too, better than nikon!
lov the pics, love the contrast between the color of the skin and that black!

Anonymous said...

Nikon ftw!
And in the future, try to relax your mouth when you dance/pose - it seems like you hold all your tension in it. FYI. :)

Erika said...

@the gorgeous: thank you:) woo team Canon!

@anonymous: thank you. I will keep that in mind ;p

kirstyb said...

great blog x

Erika said...

Thank you Kirsty :)

ANN said...

I love these shots!

Erika said...

Thanks Ann!