Redemption Is Here

Vintage skirt worn as dress, vintage cream vest, belt, F21 beanie, SM dept. store hobo bag (which I blinged up with old necklaces!), Parisian studded ballet flats, Swatch gold watch

Sorry about the crappy phone pictures. :( I don't bring my digicam around anymore and my SLR's still with my mom and she won't be back til next week. One more week without a camera (not like I use it all the time when I have it... but still. Hihi) :(

You will be mine in at least a day, F21 strappy espadrille wedges! MIIIIIINE. :)

I love how comfy they are, I can actually wear them to school!

So basically my "redemption plan" is to go back to being me--dressing up for school just for kicks, splurging and going gaga over clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, planning and going to day outs and night outs with friends, Happy Thursdays... yep basically that's it. Good plan, eh? I'm probably gonna be impartial to (romantic) love at the moment.

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