Friday Noise Club Productions
a short film by Erika Tan
Ella Dator as Maris Henares
Erika Tan as Victoria Gamboa
Ria Casco as Emily Castillo
Rika Callangan as Olivia

Written and directed by: Erika Tan
Assistant director: Ria Casco
Production and logistics head: Michelle Confesor
Audio man: Ramon Fagar

Camera handling: Ria Casco, Michelle Confesor, Ramon Fagar, Erika Tan
Editing: Raffy Casas
Music compilation: Raffy Casas, Erika Tan

Shot on location at:
Rehearsal Hall, SPS507
Steps Dance Studio
William Shaw Little Theater
Food Locker

Special thanks:
Ms. Nix Lanas
Mang Ed
Raffy Casas
Steps Dance Studio
Harlequin Theater Guild
Ira Macalindong
Check Geronimo

This film was created as a final requirement for our class VPRODUC.

Because I'm super proud (HAHAHA) let me show you the comments of the panelists that I gathered :3:
Great subject matter, great visual storytelling, could have passed as a silent film, editing was great (yay kuya Raffy thank you so much!), needs more cutaways, more close-ups in the dance especially on the face, liked my bitch face (HAHAHA you'll see xD), nice acting (just when I thought I sucked as an actress xD), great cinematography, music was a bit cliche, nice saturation opening and closing scenes, some scenes were a bit yellow, the story was building up but the ending faltered, what happened to Victoria?, juxtaposition was a great scene (hallelujah! This, I seriously thought, would be my winner scene! I'm glad they loved it xD), reminded them a bit of Mara Clara, slow-paced, could have fixed the photos on the wall, all in all a great film.

So, what do you guys think? :)


Yanna C said...

Cool film cuz! Though parang medyo rushed nga lang yung ending mo. It is still great! :)

Anyway, tanung ko lang kung ano yung title ng song dun the simula ng film. :D

Erika said...

Thanks cuz! Rushed nga yung ending haha it wasn't supposed to be the ending, I changed the story while we were shooting to compensate for our lack of actors and shit. :( so yeah, could've done better. Next time ;p

I dunno, sorry. :-s I wasn't the one who chose it eh. ;_;

Anonymous said...

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Thank you :)