Effie Nanas Ballet Christmas Show

I took ballet lessons for at least 11 years and I had to quit because of a knee injury in 2007. Also, college needed more special attention than high school and grade school. ;p although I dance contemporary now, I still miss ballet every once in a while (but I refuse to go back xD). I'm still asked to do ballet when needed, but going on my toes has never felt so painful!

I'm glad that every time my old ballet school does shows or recitals, they let me know so that I could watch or help out, at the least. Earlier today they did their annual Christmas show at Shangri-la Plaza. Here are some of my best shots:

This particular dance brings me to when I first danced it 5 years ago! Definitely one of my favorite dances :)

More photos to be uploaded on Facebook soon. :)

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