Pink Nouveau Alternative

I went to MAC awhile ago and tried to purchase a Pink Nouveau (or Viva Glam Gaga) but unfortunately for me, they were both unavailable. I was really desperate to get myself an amazing tube of pink lipstick already so I found myself a cheaper alternative: The Face Shop's semi-matte PP401!

I was actually choosing between this or Bloom's Mineral Lipstick in Foxtrot, but just like the Pink Nouveau, the latter was unavailable... so there goes my decision ;p and I've finally restocked on my foundation, also from The Face Shop: Span moisturizing clear foundation in NB21.

I still don't have a photo of myself wearing it (the lipstick), but I'd definitely have one soon since I'll be wearing it most of the time. :) when I tried it on, I thought that "semi-matte" was such a lie because it's as matte as it could get! I am kind of in love with anything matte nowadays (as opposed to glossy, okay. Gold and sparkly = still me ;p), just in case you haven't noticed. And I still don't have my bottle of matte black polish :(

PS. I still want the Pink Nouveau for Christmas! Anyone? ;;) I'm so excited to open presents from my family! New make-up hooray!

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