Pearls and Gold Hoops

I usually feel so bare without any earrings on. For the past few weeks (or months, perhaps) I haven't been wearing any coz I have this thing about losing the locks of my earrings. So imagine my surprise and happiness when I received six new pairs of earrings for Kris Kringle last Monday! :) thank you, Sarah. I love it more that it's gold!

So last Monday was the LSDC-Contemporary Christmas dinner at the Romulo's. It was so cute how we were all dressed up and how the set-up was formal. Although not everyone made it and there were only 10 of us present, it was still one hell of a party!

Does this dress look familiar to you? Well that's coz it's my debut dress! I love that it's multi-way, that I can tie it any way I want and it transforms into a whole new dress!

PS. there's still something wrong with my camera, I had to borrow my roommate's lens and speedlite for these photos. :(

Oh and I forgot to mention...
I've been done with the second trimester since last week and it feels so good to finally be on break! I will try my best to keep posts coming your way this Christmas break. I bet it'll be an awesome break for me, and I hope it will be for you guys, too :)

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Anonymous said...

Ang ganda ng dress mo. Bagay sayo :)