Today I turn 19!

For the first time, I didn't spend my birthday with my family. I had this spontaneous "birthday salubong" night with a couple friends over at the condo. Had fun with pizza and drinks.

The sky at dawn! So pretty :)

Hi, thank you for making me happy for one last time. I'm going to miss you.

I usually love my birthdays, but today was pretty awful. I mean, yeah, the salubong last night was pretty fun (despite the very unfortunate event that made me the most upset I've ever been in my entire life), but the rest of the day was blah. Spent my day in training (for a show tomorrow), setting up our recruitment booth, getting caught by DLSU's Discipline Officer because according to her my dress was too short (it's not my fault my arms and legs are long), and having coffee with my mom (probably the only fun thing I had today :D). Tonight, I'm going to brave the rain and strong wind and hit up Greenbelt to catch Pirates 4. I couldn't find a date, so I'm watching by myself. Even more blah.

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