Cherry on Top

Happy un-birthday to me!

To put a cherry on top of my awful birthday, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4... alone! Haven't watched a movie alone since Up :p and just like in Up, I actually cried, but this time, not because of the movie, but because of my dad! Through out the movie I was texting him and when he asked me "Why are you alone on your bday?" I couldn't help but cry. :( moving on...

I loved Pirates 4! Captain Jack Sparrow, you are forever awesome. Oh and I wanna be a mermaid! Very hot, but so vicious. Deceiving, I like it. :)

Back to school tomorrow. Great, I didn't even feel the summer swing by.

I usually blog with photos but unfortunately for this post, I don't have any. So instead, I leave this for you! Rolling In The Deep by Maddi Jane. I swear this little girl is so talented.

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