First Class

Recently purchased Forever21 headwrap and top, vintage crocheted vest, jeans, Swatch watch

My dad and I have this habit of catching big movies (especially when they're Marvel or DC) in the cinemas once they come out, so tonight we caught the last full show of X-Men: First Class and can I just say... BEST X-MEN EVER!!!!!!!!! It was such an amazing movie, I don't mind watching it in the cinemas again. I was surprised to find out that Nicholas Hoult and Lucas Till were part of it!

Since he picked me up from school just after my class, and the movie wasn't until 9:40pm, we had a lot of time to kill. Went carbo loading at Sbarro, then did a lot of window shopping (although I got him to buy me a headwrap and ties!--thanks dad).

Our next scheduled movie date: Green Lantern perhaps? Or whatever big movie's next!

By the way, please bear with ze webcam photos for today! I wasn't able to charge my camera's battery so I wasn't able to take any decent pictures. :-( last time I got to charge it was during my birthday, I think! Wasn't even able to bring it out the other day :-(

And speaking of the other day... I also finally got to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 last Tuesday night with a couple of friends! It was such a cute movie, way better than the first one! Makes me want to have my own baby panda :3 Tuesday night was filled with so much good vibrations (despite me being broke because my awesome possum friends had to drag me to Forever21, and knowing myself, I couldn't leave without purchasing anything!), just the right amount I needed after having such an awful week last week. :-)

I'm glad to tell you guys that I'm better now! Not entirely good or healed, but definitely much better than I was last week. :-)

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