Party Weekend

I haven't gone out in a while and I'm glad I was finally able to this weekend! First was Fiamma last night, Friday. It was my first time to see Fiamma THAT PACKED! It was so wild, it took us forever to get in. And usually, no matter how many people go, the place is still cool but Friday night it was one huge sauna! Crazy, crazy. The whole craze brought the mood down so we didn't stay long. But on the up side, a whole lot of my friends were there as well--some of whom I haven't seen in quite some time :-)

My only photo for the night. Hello, Miko!

After Fiamma we headed to Liquid Bar which has got to be one of the best bars I've been to. I didn't get to swim though because we hadn't initially planned to go!

Forever21 tube top, Forever21 shorts c/o my roommate, belt c/o my other roommate
And here's what I wore :P

Tonight was spent at a monster party! Happy birthday Brento! Tong-its and karaoke night wee. No photos again because I left my camera at home and I'm stuck here in the condo for one more week. I only have bb (oh yes I finally have a BlackBerry YAY!) photos and I'm still feeling lazy to transfer them to my laptop :p

All in all this weekend was pretty fun. The right amount of fun I needed after an awful week before. I so needed these night outs and I'm glad I had my friends to spend them with me :-)

And on a random, random (sad) note:
When I think of you, I get sad. To get rid of the sadness, I think of happy thoughts. But then I realize my happy thoughts consist of you.

:-( I hate how it's so true. :-(

Goodbye party weekend, til next weekend perhaps? :-p hopefully by then Fiamma wouldn't be as packed!

Tomorrow I will be catching the Azkals vs. Sri Lanka game LIVE from my condo window! I have got to have the awesomest view EVER :-)

The Azkals training this afternoon for tomorrow's game!

Go Team Pilipinas!

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missy s said...

oh wow! Thats an awesome view!!! <3 you're so lucky!