Graduation Gifts, Anyone?

Since I'm broke as hell and whatever money I'm receiving next week will be used for Malaysia and probably purchasing my graduation dress and shoes, I can't start online shopping again. The weather's been keeping me home all day long which means I'm just in front of my laptop browsing, window online shopping, ladiladila. Depressing. :-( BUT since my graduation is coming up, I can ask for graduation presents. TEEHEE. So here's what's on my list:

1) Jeffrey Campbell Lita-inspired booties from FivebyFive!

Sita III (flag) for P2,099

Edith (apricot suede) for P2,199

2) My own Monopoly Deal deck!

3) Round sunnies (yes, I still haven't gotten my hands on any pair :-( )

4) Oversized sheer polos!

(images from Tumblr)

Gimme any of these and I will love you forever! HIHI.

Anyway, stuck at home again today. Anyone wanna hang out this afternoon? I'm so bored!

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