I'm Living For The Present and The Future Don't Exist

No electricity at home = spent most of the day sleeping, half of the afternoon and the whole night in Tomas Morato!

First up, Starbucks with mom. Then, my friend Inno said he'd be in Tomas as well so when he finally got here, I left my mom and went to him (Bubble Tea)! It's been a while since I last saw him so yeah :-) we're still together at the moment, with another friend, Issa. Word's out that we still have no power at home. Grar, I hate the weather. :-( the rain makes me feel all kinds of sad!

Me bugging Inno while he studies for an exam tomorrow xD

Trying my best to look Chinese... but I fail.
It's already 10:48pm and we're still here. They're charging us for charging (whut). Only giving us an hour of charging for free. Sucks. Good thing I got to charge my laptop in Starbucks awhile ago, I'm only on my first couple minutes here in Bubble Tea! :-)

PS. I don't really like the milk tea here :-(

PPS. listen to The Weeknd's Loft Music (where my blog title's from). Been listening to it over and over since I first heard it a couple days ago!