Better Run, Better Run, Outrun My Gun

My first three days at work felt like being back in school because all I have been doing is listening to my trainer, reading, taking down notes, and taking quizzes. Same thing would be done tomorrow and the day after. Turns out all my hands-on exercises would start next week, hmm. So for the past three days (besides doing what I've already mentioned awhile ago), I'd spend at least and hour or two going through random files stored in my desktop at the office. There were so much reading material on graphic design and I've been feeling so inspired! I hate that my job doesn't really include designing, though. :(

Two materials that really caught my fancy were Before&After Magazine and the Pantone Color Fashion Reports. I'm not even kidding when I say I've read all the PDF magazine files of both on my desktop! The former actually makes me wish I had waited for a designing job come my way. Mmm, maybe for my next job? Lol. It's only now that I realize I have found what I wanna do for a living. And the latter makes me want to pursue styling even more, even just as a side line! I've had styling gig offers recently which I had to turn down because work's in the way :(

Oh well. It's only been three days for me on the job anyway, I can't really gauge yet for how long I'm intending to stay! Let's see let's see. Maybe when I do some proper work I'd actually enjoy and not mind my (awful) working hours, lol. I hate not having a social life, okay. I am not me without it!!! :( it's literally gonna be work-home-work-home for me for the next few months :(

Moving on... here were my outfits from yesterday and today! Please excuse the quality, again.

"Corporate" day!
Blazer, mustard yellow maxi skirt, Forever 21 top, Parisian heels

Thrifted sweater, Forever 21 skirt, Forever 21 sneakers

I can't wait for the weekend. This Saturday's gonna be packed! Work in the morning, Skechers in the afternoon til night (good luck, LSDC-Street!) and one of my best friends' birthdays after! :)

PS. tomorrow's 11.11.11! Are you guys psyched? I wish I was! LOL. If only I had someone special to share the moment with, I perhaps would be, but I don't and I won't. I'm still making a wish, though. Just without a wish lantern unlike probably most of the people here who are going to Banchetto. I'm just gonna be on my bed, getting ready to sleep, lol. How fun.

PPS. I swear this song has been stuck in my head since the first time I heard it.

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