First Day Jitters

Ended up almost falling asleep at work today because I was running on only an hour of sleep. I dropped dead the moment I got home and finally got at least four more hours of rest!

So today was my first day at work and it wasn't all work-y for me! It actually felt like I was back at school since I'm still in my training phase. All I did today was get introduced to the company, the different software programs I will be using and stuff like that. I haven't even met my trainer yet since he wasn't around today. Perhaps tomorrow I would be doing more hands-on stuff. :)

Since we don't have a uniform for work, I'm free to wear whatever I want (hooray!). For my first day, I wanted to keep it on the down low and not go all out or something like I would usually do for school (hehe), so here's what I wore:

Don't you just love the stud detail and structure of my top? I know I do!
PS. sorry about the grainy photos. My BB's camera sucks!

Thrifted sweater top, jeans, pointed flats, Charles & Keith bag, Forever 21 rings, Swatch watch

Opted for a sweater top because It's so cold in the office (which reminds me, gotta buy more sweater tops)! Jeans and flats well, to keep comfy :) we actually have a dress code which is very similar to that of DLSU's, so I got no problem. But... tomorrow is corporate attire day! Mmm, perhaps time to go all out fashion? What do you guys think? :)

Another early day tomorrow so gotta hit the sack now! I'm actually loving my shift for this week because my social life isn't entirely ruined yet, lol. Next week til the end of January though, I gotta say goodbye to my old ways :( afternoon-night shift WILL kill me :(

I shall leave you guys with a little (or okay, not so little because it's super awesome) eargasm!
Supermassive Black Hole (vocals only) - Muse

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