Hello Sweet November

Is it just me or did October just go by so quickly? It was such an amazing month for me in all aspects, I'm actually not surprised.

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I was too busy bumming around, lol. But right now, I only have exactly 4 more days left to bum around because I have officially been employed! Yes, I'm a working girl now. :) I'm going to be working 9 hours a day on a shifting schedule (no, I won't be working in a call center) so I guess it's time to say "see you later!" to my social life (yes, that includes my social networks, I guess) :( on the bright side, I'm finally gonna earn some money and I could finally cross off some things on my "to buy" list which has been getting longer every single time I hit the mall!

It's sweater weather and I love it! Although I'm not a fan of the rain, I love love love the cold breeze it brings. :) November, please be amazing. That's all I ask of you!

Here are some outfit pegs for work (for November and December weeee)! I love how I'm allowed to wear anything to work :)

If I could raid Rachel Bilson's closet, I would. Hers or Rumi's. I love everything Rumi. I am such a fan of her, I'm not afraid to admit! Can I please have a life like hers?

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