Remix '11: ANIMOtion

So this was the event I was talking about two posts ago. I finally had the chance to bring out my camera again and snap away. :)

Photo by Check Geronimo
If you're wondering why I'm holding my camera that way... well it's because there's something wrong with the lock of my internal flash so I kind of have to hold it down so it wouldn't flash. Found a solution before the show though: tape! I have yet to have it fixed. It sucks how ALL of my cameras have some kind of dysfunction. :(

It's been months since I last covered for an event and since I wasn't a performer for this show, I grabbed the opportunity to go and be trigger-happy again. Here are some of my favorite shots of the night:

Congratulations to LSDC-Contemporary, LSDC-Street, all the participants and the champions, Skittlez Crew! Til next year's Remix ;)

More photos here and here. Looking forward to the weekend--I will be covering for another event (for Harlequin again, I'm so stoked)!

PS. I have officially resigned from my job. Having totally mixed emotions about it, but I guess I'm more happy than sad. Trying out Zumba next week and hopefully if it works out, I'd be an instructor someday.

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