Spoiling Myself A Little

...or okay, a bit too much for one day.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC40 and MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara

Finally, the perfect foundation. I swear to the heavens this has got to be the best foundation ever.

I've always used MAC's Zoom Lash mascara (and have had people asking me if my lashes were fake, lol. Proud to say that I have naturally long and curled lashes--I don't even have to use a lash curler on them!) but this particular one caught my eye when my friend purchased one in Malaysia. Initially she bought it because the packaging looked cute, but she told me it was the best so I gave it a try! And yes, my lashes couldn't be any happier! I love how this particular mascara has two wands in it. The pink wand for day (or if you just want it light) and the glitter wand for night (for a more dramatic effect) :) (I tried taking photos of the wands to show you guys but I kinda failed so I guess you just have to take my word for it. Don't worry, you can trust me!)

Love&Beauty mascara and liquid eyeliner. I don't really dig the mascara that much since it doesn't give the effect I want. It's very light and doesn't really do much like volumize or lenghten your lashes. The liquid eyeliner on the other hand is actually good. It's long lasting and easy to apply.

Forever21 cosmetics bag

Parisian Comfy flats. I wasn't supposed to buy flats but unfortunately today, my favorite pair of day heels which I was wearing to my job interview got soaked in flood and therefore fell apart. :( I couldn't bare walking in them anymore so when I got to the mall, I immediately went on to buy flats (which I also need, anyway).

Forever21 knit sweater tops which have been on my to-buy list for so long! I can't wait to wear them and I'm styling them ala-Rumi. Or the Olsen Twins.

I said that when I get my first paycheck, I would spend it on myself and my parents. True enough, 2/3 of it was spent on me today. Although I am almost broke, at least I went home happy :) more moolah coming in next week which I am excited to be earning (because dancing for money gives me (one of) the best satisfaction(s) in life!), then maybe I could go on and start with Christmas shopping.

Also by next week, one of my aunts is flying in from the US with more MAC makeup for me! I am a happy child. I'm finally replenishing my makeup kit. It still saddens me that my old one got stolen though. So much MAC and Chanel makeup--it's heartbreaking, really.

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