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I am obsessed with Rumi. I am so jealous of her lifestyle, I wish mine would turn out just like hers in the near future. I am so inspired by her blog, all I need to do right now is take action (we'll see where this will take me, will let you guys in when I'm actually on my way).

What a lazy Sunday it has been. Been in bed all day, considering it's only the start of my weekend. What a bum. But then again I miss bumming around, no thanks to work. Work which I hate, by the way. I am resigning very soon. I can't seem to find myself confined in an office for much too long. Can't wait to find a job that would have me in the front line, or at least interact with other people. Being in an office for 9 hours a day 5 times a week having a stare off with a computer screen and freezing my ass off is just bs, not my thing. Don't even get me started with my working hours--it's just terribly awful.

Sent my resume around again but this time chose the companies carefully, not just for the sake of. Let's all hope they start calling me for interviews or whatnot. But for now, let me leave you guys with some amazing stuff I grabbed off Tumblr. I swear I love Tumblr... so much inspiration.

Can't wait to spend my first paycheck on make-up. I still can't believe I lost all my MAC, Sephora and Chanel make-up. I swear, whoever you are who stole my entire make-up kit, you should rot in hell! xx

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Megann Jabola said...

RUMI NEELY!!! I envy her lifestyle too!! And I have to agree, Erix. I can never picture myself in an office-type setting if I were to work. Guess the prob is my parents just don't see that. :/ Hay.

At least you've got the blog as an outlet/escape. It's always calming to have a little haven where you can be who you wanna be. :)

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