One of the Boys x Breaking Dawn

(not really a movie review! Just some shallow thoughts on the movie!)

I live for spontaneous days such as today. Since I started working, Mondays have been my free days, so I end up spending it in Taft where most of my friends are. Today I went freakishly early because I was supposed to run an errand but failed to do so no thanks to long lines and creepy-looking people. Stayed in school a bit until some random plan of watching Breaking Dawn came up. I must admit, it was a pretty good movie! Being a communication arts graduate, I tend to look at the technical side of media. Breaking Dawn did not disappoint! Direction, cinematography, dialogue--they were all pretty sick (in a good way). Is the movie R-18 (or at least 15) though? I could have sworn there was too much sexual content in it--not appropriate for kids at all! The first scene got me drooling, or maybe I'm just really a sucker for guys with abs. Having read the book, it was good to find that they were somehow faithful to it. I loved how this first part was done, I'm actually looking forward to part two!

My friends and I headed back to school right after just to chill (with our own cups of milk tea and rounds and rounds of Monopoly Deal). Also, I finally managed to get a manicure after two months! Crazy, I know. My nails are happy now :)

I basically spent my entire day in Taft and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Having been a Taft girl for the past three years, I guess I could also call it home. I actually miss studying already. Right now, I have one week of work to endure then it's most likely goodbye to my current company. I really can't force myself to stay if I'm not happy in it.

PS. a bottle of this for every single day in my life is what I need.

Photo grabbed off Tumblr

PPS. Despite my love for fashion and most (if not all) things girly, I can't deny that I'm one of the boys. I just realized that everyone I hung out with today were boys (though this statement doesn't necessarily confirm my previous one, just complements it perhaps). HAHA. Hi girl friends, please show thy selves to me. If you don't, I might just officially turn into a 'bro' for life, lol I kid.

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